When East Meets Breastfeeding: 2 Common Breastfeeding Challenges That Can Be Treated By TCM [Guest Post by Madam Partum]

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Low Milk Supply 

From a TCM perspective, many breastfeeding mothers who experienced low milk supply tend to be associated with the deficiency of “Qi” & blood or stagnation of liver “Qi”.  This condition may disrupt the balance of “Qi” and blood in the mother’s body affecting their milk flow and breast milk production.

Consuming complementary TCM herbs alongside a well-balanced diet can help to balance the “Qi ” and enhance blood circulation of the mothers’s body to regain energy and boost breast milk production. Consuming curated TCM herbs twice a week is highly recommended to replenish “Qi”, stay hydrated and help the body’s milk factory to perform and stay in optimal state . 

Here are some recommended TCM herbs to help boost your milk production:

  • Rice Paper Pith 通草
  • Astragalus 黄芪
  • Codonopsis Root 党参
  • Angelica Roots 当归
  • Jie Geng 桔梗
  • Mai Dong 麦冬






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Is it safe to consume Angelica Roots when breastfeeding? 

The answer is YES!  This is one of the commonly asked questions among breastfeeding mummies.  In TCM studies, Angelica Root (当归) is known as one of the most nourishing TCM herbs, which has the therapeutic effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation. Consuming Angelica Roots during breastfeeding will not reduce your breast milk supply, in fact, it can aid to increase milk supply in the long run. In addition, Angelica Roots also have the effect of improving bowel movement and it is extremely beneficial to postpartum mothers suffering from constipation. 


What are the known milk-killers?

If you are experiencing low milk supply, mothers are advised to avoid popular delicacies containing chives, such as in korean pancake and chives kueh, or hawthorne and malts which are predominantly known as milk-killers from a TCM perspective. These foods should be avoided in the early days of breastfeeding or not consumed in large amounts. 

You can also try these 3 TCM Acupoints to boost your breast milk production. Let’s gently “knead” these acupoints for one minute each, 2-3 times a day. 

  • Tan Zhong 膻中 – Midline of front chest, in between the 2 nipples
  • Ru gen 乳根  – 1 inch directly below nipple
  • Yuan Ye 渊腋 – Located on the side of chest, 3 inches below armpit

Blocked Milk Ducts/ Mastitis 

Many breastfeeding mothers who practise direct latching or pumping, will encounter blocked milk ducts or mastitis at least once in their breastfeeding journey. It can be traumatic and painful if the episodes are not getting away despites attempts to resolve it using a multitude of ways – both hear-said and published.  From a TCM perspective, blocked milk ducts or mastitis episode is attributed by the existing body constitution, know as “Liver & Qi Stagnation” 肝郁气滞. Breastfeeding mothers with such body constitution tend to experience symptoms such as constipation. Mothers with a warmed “heaty” body tend to experience clogged ducts or engorgement at  upper breasts as their breast milk tends to be thicker. 

Consuming these TCM herbs twice a week can save you from painful episodes in the long term. Consuming them as herbal tea is as easy as pouring one spoon each into a thermal flask with hot water and allowing it to brew for 30 minutes. Or as a soup, pour all the herbs into a pot combined with protein such as black chicken and boil it for 1 hour. Make it a meal and consume it with rice or noodles.   

  • Mongolian Dandelion 蒲公英
  • Luffa 丝瓜络
  • Green Tangerine Peels 青皮
  • Beautiful Sweetgum 路路通
  • Rice Paper Piths 通草


Dietary intake also plays a part in these painful episodes and therefore, spicy & oily food such as curry, mala or fried chicken and heaty food such as durian should be avoided. 

What else can mothers do to prevent these painful episodes? You can seek TCM treatments such as acupuncture that helps you to “cure” the body and neutralise or nourish the body into optimal condition for breastfeeding. 



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