Links for Professionals

1. American Academy of Pediatrics Resource Guide

Specifically useful links:

2. What is ‘Baby-Friendly’ by UNICEF?

3. The Breastfeeding Pocket Guide for Healthcare Providers from New York State

4. Dr Jack Newman’s website, covering a range of breastfeeding issues.

5. InfantRisk Centre – an excellent resource on medications in pregnancy and lactation; smartphone app available (AppStore: MommyMeds)

6. LactMed – another excellent pharmacology resource; free smartphone app available

7. Dr Lenore Goldfarb’s website includes information on inducing lactation through the Newman-Goldfarb Protocols for Induced Lactation & the use of Domperidone.

8. Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine website
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Statement & Clinical Protocols

9. Texas 10-step downloadable smartphone app, includes information on common breastfeeding issues such as principles of milk production, family planning and the use of pacifiers

10. Article by Dr Jack Newman – How to know if a Health Professional is not supportive of breastfeeding?

11. Some professional journals on lactation

12. Health Professionals’ Study Modules

13. Articles on Breastfeeding & Pregnancy