JoBeth Williams


JoBeth is a mother of two amazing little girls who remind her every day of the meaning of patience! In a past life, JoBeth taught full-time in a secondary school where she tried to get 16-year-olds to appreciate Shakespeare – a task which helped her develop some of the patience she would need when she became a parent. JoBeth strongly believes that parents must be empowered with facts and information so that they can be free to make educated choices – especially when it comes to breastfeeding. She hopes that BMSG can be at the forefront of breastfeeding education in Singapore for new mothers and their support networks.

At the BMSG, JoBeth is in-charge of ensuring that the daily counsellor roster is running, even on Sundays and public holidays. Apart from other backend administrative and operational duties, JoBeth has a gift with design and is the brain and hands behind the infographics and visuals that are being circulated on BMSG’s social media pages. She is also on the BMSG Editorial Team, lending her writing and editing skills to help produce the BMSG’s monthly newsletter.

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