Ellen Nepilly


Ellen Nepilly is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Dr. Sears certified Health Coach. She runs a private practice here in Singapore as a lactation consultant and has been a BMSG board member for the last two years.

Ellen has three children, two of whom are twins who were born prematurely in Japan, where she had amazing support by hospital nurses and Australian lactation consultant, Iona McNab, who propelled her into the world of lactation. Ever since, she has been hooked by research papers and articles about breastfeeding.

After moving to her native country, Germany, when her twin girls were 4 years old, she had another baby boy. After he was born, Ellen started a Facebook group called Breastfeeding Mamas Stuttgart that organised meetings twice a month for English speaking mamas together with two American friends. Her husband’s job made them move yet again in 2016, this time to Singapore, where Ellen joined the BMSG and was a member for two years. This is her second appointment to the EXCO.

Her twins are now 10 and her boy is 6 years old.