Atiqah Halim


Atiqah Halim is a public officer, a blogger and writer in her free time. She shares her and her family’s love for travelling on their blog, Familytrippers. Rubiah from Semarang is her first children’s book series.

At home, Atiqah is a mum of 3 boys each of whom she has breastfed past 1.5 year old. She loves having conversations with colleagues who are nursing mummies on the challenges of parenting and breastfeeding.

Ever since she became a volunteer counsellor with BMSG, Atiqah finds herself gaining new knowledge on breastfeeding and taking up an Exco position is the next step forward for her to further contribute to a cause that she is highly passionate about. She believes that mums should be equipped with the right breastfeeding information, knowledge and support, as these can make all the difference.