October 2017: Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

After the flurry of activity in August and September, October has been back to business as usual in BMSG. We had our usual events – Breastfeeding & Birthing workshop with childbirth educator Hanani (which was very well-attended!), and our Mum 2 Mum meeting. [P/S Our M2M meetings currently take place in our BMSG office, but if any member is open to host them in her home, we would be keen to. Just let us know!]

 An upcoming event which BMSG is very happy to support is the public education talk by Clarity (a community mental health social service organization) on Maternal Mental Health. Perinatal mental health is something that is close to our hearts, because we encounter so much of this in our work providing mother to mother support. We encourage all our members to attend, to learn more about this very important issue.

Another campaign that we have been supporting is “Bare It For Baby”, a project by NTU student Dayna Yin, promoting breastfeeding in public. In recent years, this issue has cropped up in the public space a number of times. It does seem like the tide is turning in favour of breastfeeding mothers, but more can still be done! Do take a moment to visit her page and share a picture of yourself breastfeeding your baby in public, and tag it #momswhobare

It’s wonderful that BMSG has become the gathering place and coordination point for such community efforts. Beyond breastfeeding support and breastfeeding advocacy, we are now also a part of the conversation, on topics relating to breastfeeding and beyond. I am proud to be a part of this; and I hope you are too.

Until next month,


September 2017: Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

September has been another busy and exciting month here at the BMSG! We continued with our Mum 2 Mum meeting, which was very well-attended, and also our Back to Work / Babywearing workshop. It is always heartening to see mothers getting together to help other mothers. This is the community spirit that BMSG stands for and hopes to see more of.

We also had a landmark event this month – a talk by dentist Dr Yue Weng Cheu, on how breastfeeding promotes good oral development in babies. This event had more than 60 people in attendance, with a good showing by both parents and lactation professionals. It has been quite a while since BMSG last organised an event like this, and I must say that this one turned out to be a great success!

We at BMSG are working hard to put our new initiatives into action, and it is very encouraging to see the support we are receiving. Ultimately, our dream is to grow the network of mothers who, through the BMSG, come to meet each other, get support from one another, and eventually give support to other mothers.

Yours in the sisterhood of mothering,