Breast-feeding Friends Singapore

As published in our February 2016 edition of the BMSG newsletter.

A screenshot from the Breastfeeding Friends Singapore website.

A screenshot from the Breastfeeding Friends Singapore website.


We would like to wish our readers a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. May it bring you another year of smooth-sailing and fulfilling breastfeeding journey with your little ones!

If you are heading out this festive season and want to look for a  breastfeeding friendly restaurant, fret not! BMSG is a proud supporter of the recently launched Breast-feeding Friends Singapore (“BFFsg”) campaign.

The team behind BFFsg consists of 4 final year Communication Studies students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The idea for the campaign was sparked off one day when they chanced upon an article about the wonders of breastfeeding. This prompted them to research on the breastfeeding trends in Singapore and how it is received. After months of research, focus groups, and preparation, the BFFsg campaign was born.

BFFsg aims to promote the idea that mothers have the right to breastfeed in whatever manner that is comfortable for them and create a network of support. Their current network consists of more than 40 establishments who have pledged to welcome breastfeeding mums at their establishments and to protect the dignity and right of breastfeeding mothers on their premises. Also known as the BFFs, these establishments include Swedish cafe and bistro Fika and children friendly Treehouse Cafe.

On the website, you can also find the BFF Finder, which is a portal that lists down these F&B establishments and nursing rooms in the area. Mothers are also able to leave reviews on the portal so that they can benefit from each other’s experience. The BFFsg team has been working hard to push out this portal to the public and to get more establishments to sign on. The end goal is to create a self-sustaining community of support.

BFFsg will be pushing out its campaign initiatives very strongly from January to March 2016. Amongst others, there will be fun and informative bonding events for breastfeeding mothers, calls for pledges from the public, and round table discussions. They will also be conducting regular giveaways, all with the intention of promoting the cause.

There have been similar initiatives done overseas, which include “Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme” in the United Kingdom, and the #SayYesToBreastfeeding campaign by UNICEF Hong Kong. Both of which were very successful in their own right.

Wondering how you can help? Breastfeeding mothers are essential in the BFFsg initiative! Do share the materials, posts, and event information with your friends, families, and beyond. Share your breastfeeding experiences with people who may seem to know nothing about it. Educate the young about breastfeeding and avoid framing breasts as a shameful or sexual body part. What is important to the campaign is to generate public interest and to get everyone involved in the conversation so that education can take place. It is essential to grab people’s attention but to do so in a tactful and non-obtrusive way because with any social issue, words and intentions can be easily misunderstood and BFFsg hope to be able to relay their message to people in a way that engages and not anger.
Do support the BFFsg initiative over on their facebook page and website, where you can find more details on the list of BFFs and upcoming giveaways! Many BFFs offer special discounts and services for nursing and pumping mums, such as Epicurious and the Daily Press.
Happy Breastfeeding!

Warmly, Mythili