Celebrate BMSG’s 30th Anniversary by purchasing our merchandise and tickets to our events and workshops!

BMSG is a charity and we keep our operations going from public donations. Support our cause for breastfeeding by purchasing our very own merchandise. All proceeds fund our operations, including our free counselling platforms and events for breastfeeding mothers and their families.

This year, BMSG will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary! Every purchase you make will allow us to receive dollar-to-dollar matching. Your purchase will help us help more mothers who need breastfeeding support in the years to come.

Breastfeeding Workshops

From August 2021, every purchase of our merchandise and workshop tickets will allow BMSG to receive a dollar-to-dollar matching grant! Click on the images below to register for our respective workshops for all months between August to December 2021.


Coming soon:

Tea with Breastmilk Webinar – Raising Healthy & Active Children