April 2018 Newsletter: Tea With Breastmilk

By BMSG Editorial Team

Participants of Tea With Breastmilk which was held in March.

Tea with breastmilk! Some were initially a little taken aback by the name, wondering if we were going to serve attendees hot beverages spiked with the best milk in the world, but Tea With Breastmilk really refers to our inaugural event at Bove, Suntec City. Through this event, BMSG seeks to connect mothers to learn from each other and grow from experiential learning through an informal tea session – hence the name. This first event, which was held on 24 March, was all about tandem nursing, a special nod to mamas who wanted to learn more about nursing two children at the same time, or at the least, nursing through pregnancy. Breastfeeding one child is an exciting journey in itself – what more nursing two?

Our President, Elaine (left) and volunteer Jasmine (right) sharing their experiences on tandem nursing and breastfeeding during pregnancy.

The event kicked off with a talk from our President, Elaine Chow, who spoke about the myths associated with tandem nursing and shared her personal experience tandem nursing her children. It was heartening to hear how she overcame some difficulties to succeed at having two children at the breast, and her story of eventually weaning her elder two children definitely tweaked our heartstrings. We were also treated to a sharing by Jasmine Tan-Tai, a mother of two daughters, who believes in weaning her children naturally. She spoke at length about her breastfeeding journey and how she manages with both her daughters. Both Elaine and Jasmine agreed that while tandem nursing can be a challenge, it is extremely fulfilling and an excellent way for siblings to bond. The Q&A was a lively discussion, with curious mamas seeking to find out more about tandem nursing.

Babywearing Educator Tan Kai Hui, representing Soul Singapore, demonstrating how to babywear and nurse while babywearing.

After the talk, babywearing educator Tan Kai Hui, representing the Singapore chapter of the international babywearing brand Soul Slings, was on hand to give a demonstration on how to properly wear babies in various types of slings and carriers. It was fascinating to watch how adept she was with the different carriers as she modelled them with a babywearing doll. She even gave the audience valuable tips on how to breastfeed while babywearing.

Our winner for the Soul Singapore giveaway; Bibyana and her bub won the Soul AnoonA carrier!

We ended off the informative session with a special giveaway, sponsored by Soul Singapore. It was a moment of excitement as our Vice-president, Khatim Hamidon, streamed the giveaway live on Facebook. The lucky winner turned out to be Bibyana Love, who won for herself a brand new gradient Soul AnoonA! Congratulations Bibyana – we can’t wait to see you toting your beautiful little squish around.

If you’re a mother (or a father!) who wants to learn more about breastfeeding, we hope to see you at our next Tea With Breastmilk!