Breastfeeding in
Singapore from the 1950s

The prevalence of breastfeeding in Singapore declined in the 50s when more mothers adopted formula feeding. When BMSG was established in the mid-70s, breastfeeding rates had fallen to an all-time low. We faced the tall order of turning things around by promoting breastfeeding to the public.

An Inclusive and Vibrant Community of Breastfeeding Mothers

Find emotional support, encouragement and companionship among like-minded peers.
Advocate public awareness and support for breastfeeding
Find invaluable information on breastfeeding
Participate in fun breastfeeding community events

Hear from our Beneficiaries

I could not be more grateful for this support group. Ever since I gave birth, I have had so many issues with engorgement and mastitis. Having a safe space to talk about my issues and get advice here was so comforting. I still have new challenges and this group has given me so much confidence to continue breastfeeding and pumping. Thank you to all the group members for the support.

Li wen H

Response has been prompt and helpful in learning more on breastfeeding.. all counsellors that i've reached out to are courteous and provide the mental support required for all ftms to stay sanity through the first few weeks of pregnancy.. thank you so much for the kind advice and help thus far~

Pei Wen, Karen Toh

Renee was super helpful and patient. I had fever and chills at 6am and texted the support group hoping for guidance on next steps. Given that it was my first time getting mastitis, Renee’s help at that time was really appreciated and it allowed me to seek prompt treatment. Thank you BMSG and Renee!

Yvonne Ong

The counsellors are always so kind and helpful. I love and appreciate that they always check to see if they understand our concerns before providing support. They always ensure that mummies feel heard and supported in their breastfeeding journey. As a first time mum, I am so grateful to have found this gem of a support! Thank you!

Siti Rasyidah