September 2017: NUH marks World Breastfeeding Week

By Ellen Nepilly, BMSG Board Member

BMSG was invited to participate in the NUH event for World Breastfeeding Week, on 12 August 2017. NUH is one of three hospitals in Singapore with the BFHI (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative) certification. The invitation came by way of Doris Fok, lactation consultant in private practice, lactation researcher with NUS, and former president of BMSG. We were pleased to accept, and council members Aza Azri and Ellen Nepilly represented us at the event.

Most of the audience were parents who have given birth at NUH or are planning to do so. The first to speak was Dr. Yvonne Ng, a neonatologist and IBCLC. She talked about infant developmental milestones, and explained the different stages a baby is going through after birth and what parents should expect and in which cases it could be a concern if a specific milestone is missing.

The next speaker was a father who supported his wife all the way from after birth in her breastfeeding story until now that the child is about one year old. Many times, we hear about mothers sharing on their breastfeeding journey, but the role of fathers is very important too! The speaker told his story how important his support was and still is for his wife and daughter. His words were very encouraging and we hope that the other fathers present learned something from him. BMSG believes in the importance of family support and involvement, for a breastfeeding mothers, recently started this support group on Facebook – “Breastfeeding Families Singapore”. This group is open to any member of a family with a breastfed baby, not just mothers.

The last part of the event was a demonstration for parents on infant massage. And we all know how important skin to skin contact is in establishing and maintaining the breastfeeding relationship!

All in all, it was a very interesting event that showed us how much NUH supports breastfeeding.