Nas Haidar Onn

Executive Committee Member

Haidar is the mother of 3 powerpuff girls and she is their “Professor” on a full time basis (major: Plant Biotechnology). She married her other-half and migrated to this little island where she now calls home since 2010.

Her breastfeeding journey has not been without its spicy moments but the satisfaction is genuinely guaranteed. She is currently breastfeeding her blue powerpuff who is 5 months old while home-schooling the elder girls. The most interesting bit about breastfeeding for Haidar is that it gets easier with each child!

It is one of the main catalysts to learning more about herself – as a mom within her own home and amongst other mothers within the colorful-culture-rich community at large. Thus today She is a trained breastfeeding counsellor with BMSG, ready to support those in need as those around her has helped her journey in the beginning 4 years ago.

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