Namrata Tushar Trivedi

Board Member

Coming from a family of health conscious and pro-breastfeeding advocates, Namrata’s passion for good food with an emphasis on health and well being started at an early age, which led to a career as a Dietitian.

Namrata expected smooth sailing during her breastfeeding journey being armed with the theoretical knowledge, however as luck would have it, faced all the issues from blocked ducts, multiple mastitis, oversupply and a large breast abscess.She did not give up despite being advised to stop breastfeeding from medical professionals early on and credits her ongoing breastfeeding journey to the constant support from her mother and grandmother. A piece of sound advice from her mother still resonates with her, ” Don’t overthink all the little hassles, don’t complicate it for yourself. Nourish your baby with confidence despite any issues you face and everything will fall into place”.

After her own experience, Namrata hopes to equip women with the confidence in continuing their own journeys in breastfeeding