Jesslyn Chan

Executive Committee Member

Jesslyn is a full-time working mum with an eight month-old baby girl. When she first embarked on motherhood, she remembers that she started off with a weekly target in mind to breastfeed as the round the clock feeding and sore nipples pose to be challenging. Now she has come far and her next target would be 1one year. The vast health benefits of breastfeeding and love for her little princess gave her fuel to soldier on.

Jesslyn believes that breast milk is the best gift a mum can give to her child. Despite developing milk blisters at work and stress induced blocked ducts, the thought of giving up never crossed her mind.

She is grateful for a supportive family, encouraging colleagues and a conducive working environment, which have accommodated her needs for expressing and storing milk in office.

Each feed is a beautiful bonding session with her daughter and she wishes this to continue for as long as it can.

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