Lee Hui Fang


Hui Fang is a mother of one. In the 2 years that she breastfed her baby, she faced her share of concerns and challenges.

Hui Fang believes her husband’s support has been critical for her breastfeeding success. He is knowledgeable about the advantages of breastfeeding and advocates for breastfeeding. This is especially true when questions are raised about whether a baby is getting enough breast milk, or a breastfed baby’s smaller build when compared to formula-fed babies!

To new mothers out there, Hui Fang has this to say: ‘Breastfeeding may be natural but that doesn’t mean it will always come naturally for all mommies. You definitely are not alone if you face breastfeeding challenges! The journey ahead may seem daunting. Yet, it is tremendously rewarding. Trust me, you will look back and think, ‘It is all worth it!’

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