Amelia Toh

Executive Committee Member

Amelia is a working mother of three young children. She breastfed all three of them until they were about two years old. It was not an easy journey for Amelia when she first started breastfeeding her first child. She called it having ‘latch-wars’ with her first child. She also suffered from the usual sore nipples due to the constant ‘latch-wars’. However, she was very insistent on providing the best milk for her child. And hence, despite the lack of support, she still managed to breastfeed all her three children. Regardless of the difficulties she faced, she found breastfeeding to be an extremely rewarding experience of motherhood as it allowed her to bond deeply with all her three children.

As Amelia puts it, ‘Breastfeeding may seem like a long and arduous journey for a lot of mothers. But I promise you that you will find yourself loving it and when you finally stop breastfeeding, you will find yourself missing the moments terribly much’.

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