Counsellor Training Info Session 2019

Are you interested in becoming a BMSG Volunteer Breastfeeding Counsellor?

We are happy to announce that our 2019 round of trainings will begin in March, stretching till July, for a selected period of 10 weeks.

Prior to our training, we are inviting all who are interested in joining our cause to promote breastfeeding and to support breastfeeding mothers, to come down for a dialogue at our Counsellor Training Info Session.

This will be a good time for us to share expectations, requirements and commitment to our counsellor training and volunteering programmes, as well as for you to ask questions and seek clarifications about the programme.

To indicate your interest in our programme as well as your attendance at our info session, please complete our Counselling Trainee Questionnaire here: 

Babywearing & Breastfeeding Workshop – Feb 2019

Join the certified Babywearing Educators from Babywearing Singapore to find out more on the following topics:

1. Purpose of Babywearing

2. Benefit of Babywearing to the baby

3. Benefit of Babywearing to the parents

4. Safety – TICKS

5. Different types of baby carriers – pros & cons, demo.

Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore) will also be sharing on the topic of Breastfeeding Your Older Baby, including some of the following themes:
– Sleep
– Introducing Solids
– Teething & Biting
– Nursing into Toddlerhood
– Weaning off Breastfeeding

All are welcome! A great opportunity to meet and greet fellow babywearers and new parents!