Oct 2019 – Exclusive – Chat with Ines Fernandez, Breastfeeding Advocate in the Philippines

As told to Nabila Hanim, BMSG Staff

At the recent Regional Breastfeeding Conference in Malaysia, the BMSG team met Ines Fernandez, a breastfeeding advocate from the Philippines. Ines has been doing extensive work, advocating for breastfeeding, and contributed to policies to make breastfeeding a right for Filipino mothers since the 1980s. Most notably, Ines has contributed significantly to protecting the feeding of infant and young children during emergencies and continues to educate mothers and their families in rural areas on breastfeeding, infant and child nutrition. Read her inspiring story as we learn more from what she has garnered from her experiences and why it is valuable for countries like Singapore to practice similar readiness in the face of disasters.

Founding Member of the Breastfeeding Movement in the Philippines

Ines (in red) with BMSG representatives during the recent 2nd Regional Breastfeeding Conference in August 2019. [Credits: Far’ain Jaafar]

I co-founded the breastfeeding movement in the Philippines in 1981. I am proud to have contributed to transforming thousands of mothers as nurturers, healers and leaders in defence of breastfeeding rights and education. In the work that I do, I have managed to facilitate the passage of three laws:

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Hery Firdaus, Indonesian Male Breastfeeding Counsellor

By Nabila Hanim, BMSG Staff

It is easy to assume that breastfeeding advocacy is a female domain but when BMSG met Hery Firdaus, an Indonesian male breastfeeding counsellor and advocate, at the recent Regional Breastfeeding Conference at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we were blown away. Hery, 37, a father of two, shares with us, in an exclusive interview, of how he is no different from other breastfeeding advocates. The work that he does in rallying husbands in the Indonesian community to be more proactive in supporting their breastfeeding wives is just part of his vision as a counsellor, just like many others who work with mothers and their families to provide accurate breastfeeding support.

Read on to find out more about what Hery does in raising awareness and inculcating breastfeeding education in the local community and especially on efforts to encourage husbands to become a big source of help for their wives in breastfeeding.

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