September 2019 – 2nd Regional Breastfeeding Conference, Cyberjaya

By Far’ain Jaafar, BMSG EXCO Member & Counsellor
Additional Reporting by Nabila Hanim, BMSG Staff

Every year, BMSG sends representatives to attend conferences and gatherings for breastfeeding advocates. This year, three of our BMSG EXCO members attended the Regional Breastfeeding Conference held at Cyberjaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read on to find out from Far’ain Jaafar, BMSG EXCO Secretary and volunteer breastfeeding counsellor, what went on during the conference and what were some of the valuable takeaways and lessons which she had found useful and meaningful for the breastfeeding scene in Singapore.

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Sept Issue – Mother’s Sharing: Importance of Spousal & Family Support Post-Birth

By Nurfadilah Hussin (BMSG Counsellor)

It’s hard learning something new. There is usually significant struggle in the initial stages. Along the way, we overcame the challenges but the key to staying firm despite the obstacles is, in part, by having someone there to help you; having support. Breastfeeding is no exception, although it may seem like it should come naturally. As with learning anything new,  breastfeeding takes time, practice and support for both mum and baby.

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